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Join or start a group or groups at the Cannabis Associates Network that focuses on your particular area of interest or expertise in the cannabis industry. Members have launched groups both niche and broad in almost every sector in the cannabis space; and almost every U.S. State as well as many different cannabis-friendly Countries worldwide. The number of groups at the Cannabis Associates Network is growing just like its membership.

The Cannabis Associates Network members represent every sector, every city, every State and even every Country that is active in this exciting new and explosive industry. Joining a groupis the best way to connect with others regarding a specific cannabis topic or location. The groups at the Cannabis Associates Network are the perfect place to share topic and location-specific content and information about yourself or your business to the exact cannabis audience you desire. You can also start a private cannabis group for your business or organization if you should so desire.

If you have an idea for a new group that is not currently represented in our group of groups, reach out and let us know and we will get it launched for you. Now it’s time for you to find a few groups and join them and then, invite your friends to join you.

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    • Cannabis Health Group
      Public . 24 members
      Cannabis Health Group Cannabis is improving the health of many. Share, teach and right learn here. The Cannabis Health Group is dedicated to becoming a valuable resource for information about...
    • Cannabis Investment Banking
      Public . 19 members
      Cannabis Financing & CannaBanking topics! Please feel free to start a conversation, ask questions, identify funding sources & referrals for leads and deals for other Financial professional...
    • Chicago Cannabis Community
      Public . 20 members
      Chicago Cannabis Community America’s ‘Second City’ is poised to become one of the Country’s top medical marijuana markets. The medical marijuana industry in Chicago is...
    • Bookkeeping and Accounting
      Public . 36 members
      Bookkeeping and Accounting Group Members of this group have all the cannabis bookkeeping and accounting knowledge you need. The Cannabis Bookkeeping and Accounting Group at the Cannabis...
    • TierZero's Partner Program
      Public . 3 members
      We offer one of the most generous referral programs in the business The Tierzero Partner Program allows qualified Partners to earn income from Customers referred to Tierzero for Voice and Data...
      Public . 9 members
    • Cannabis Legal Group
      Public . 36 members
      Cannabis Legal Group Because knowing the cannabis laws, rules and regulations is the very foundation of industry success. Period. Join us. The Cannabis Legal Group is the one place for all the...
    • Cannabis Patients Group
      Public . 13 members
      Cannabis Patients Group Because medical cannabis is making people’s lives better each and every day. Join us. Medical cannabis is having a positive effect on the health issues of women,...
    • Cannabis Podcasts
      Public . 11 members
      Cannabis Podcasts Group Todays top cannabis voices are getting their audio and video messages in the form of podcasts. Join us. Join them. Cannabis podcasts are red hot and the audience is...
    • Cannabis the new image - changing times
      Public . 19 members
      Cannabis – The New Image Group. Advancing the positive image of cannabis and its users is a war! Join us in the fight. This group is about the advancement of Cannabis. We need to project a...