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cannabis groups

Join or start a group or groups at the Cannabis Associates Network that focuses on your particular area of interest or expertise in the cannabis industry. Members have launched groups both niche and broad in almost every sector in the cannabis space; and almost every U.S. State as well as many different cannabis-friendly Countries worldwide. The number of groups at the Cannabis Associates Network is growing just like its membership.

The Cannabis Associates Network members represent every sector, every city, every State and even every Country that is active in this exciting new and explosive industry. Joining a groupis the best way to connect with others regarding a specific cannabis topic or location. The groups at the Cannabis Associates Network are the perfect place to share topic and location-specific content and information about yourself or your business to the exact cannabis audience you desire. You can also start a private cannabis group for your business or organization if you should so desire.

If you have an idea for a new group that is not currently represented in our group of groups, reach out and let us know and we will get it launched for you. Now it’s time for you to find a few groups and join them and then, invite your friends to join you.

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    • CannaQ
      Restricted . 4 members
      Our Group focuses on creating an easy platform for local cannabis businesses to network, along with meeting about issues of quality. Quality issues will be Business related, Flower related, and...
    • Homegrown Cannabis Group
      Public . 19 members
      Homegrown Cannabis Group Connect with, learn from and share with others that grow cannabis at home here. Join today! Growing your own cannabisat home is one of the fastest growing trends in the...
    • Commercial Cannabis Growers
      Public . 26 members
      Commercial Cannabis Growers Group Commercial cannabis growers of all sizes and skills are welcome here. Skilled commercial cannabis growers are in great demand. This group is dedicated to the...
    • Cannabis Growers Group
      Public . 25 members
      Cannabis Growers Group Are you a master cannabis grower or a legal home grower or are you looking to start growing cannabis or do you want to be a better cannabis grower? Join the Cannabis...
    • Cannabis Seeds
      Public . 19 members
      Cannabis Seeds Group If you think about it, the entire cannabis industry starts with seeds. Join us. Grow cannabis from seed or clone? That’s the question each cannabis grower asks...