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cannabis groups

Join or start a group or groups at the Cannabis Associates Network that focuses on your particular area of interest or expertise in the cannabis industry. Members have launched groups both niche and broad in almost every sector in the cannabis space; and almost every U.S. State as well as many different cannabis-friendly Countries worldwide. The number of groups at the Cannabis Associates Network is growing just like its membership.

The Cannabis Associates Network members represent every sector, every city, every State and even every Country that is active in this exciting new and explosive industry. Joining a groupis the best way to connect with others regarding a specific cannabis topic or location. The groups at the Cannabis Associates Network are the perfect place to share topic and location-specific content and information about yourself or your business to the exact cannabis audience you desire. You can also start a private cannabis group for your business or organization if you should so desire.

If you have an idea for a new group that is not currently represented in our group of groups, reach out and let us know and we will get it launched for you. Now it’s time for you to find a few groups and join them and then, invite your friends to join you.

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    • CBD Oil Sales Success
      Restricted . 2 members
      Welcome to the CBD Oil Sales Success Group This is a private group for members of our CBD oil sales team. We proudly sellCTFO CBD Products To join our sales team and the CBD Oil Sales Success...
    • Packaging and Labeling Group
      Public . 28 members
      Packaging and Labeling Group Cannabis packaging and labeling is one of the most important sectors in the industry. While packaging and labeling rules and regulations vary from State to State...
    • CBD Pure Hemp OIL Concentrate
      Public . 4 members
      Wellness hemp manufactures Pure Hemp OIl concentrate 27% in the tube to dispense in the size of a grain of rice under the tongue. We would like to connect with other companies that feel...
    • Vape Group
      Public . 22 members
      Vape Group More and more cannabis users are choosing to vape to feel the effects. We launched a group. Vaping is the non-combustible way to inhale cannabis and it is gaining in popularity...
    • Cannabis Edibles Group
      Public . 39 members
      Cannabis Edibles Group For many, cannabis in edible form is their way of medicating and feeling the buzz, but that’s not without controversy. The Cannabis edibles space was named as one...
    • Cannabis Accessories Group
      Public . 12 members
      Cannabis Accessories Group “What will they think of next?” The cannabis industry is producing amazing accessories these days. Join us. The market for cannabis accessories is huge...
    • CBD Products
      Public . 128 members
      CBD Products Group Meet the people and businesses leading the CBD revolution right here. CBD products are becoming more mainstream as an accepted health solution every single day. This success...
    • Kannaway Brand Ambassadors
      Public . 6 members
      Kannaway Brand Ambassador Group Brand ambassadors at Kannaway have put CBD Oil on the map and in the home. Kannaway Brand Ambassadors network here! Join us. This is a group created to allow...