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A Cannabis Must Have!

Cannabis Industry Group.

This is a cannabis-related or cannabis industry group launched by a member of the Cannabis Associates Network. If this group’s focus is something you have interest in or expertise of, please join and share it with others in the cannabis realm. The cannabis industry has many diverse voices from many sectors, exercise yours. The group is listening.

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Eco-Conscious Cannabis Consumers


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  • Juergen M
    Jesus Healed Using Cannabis (news - 2003)

    The anointing oil used by Jesus and his disciples contained an ingredient called KNH BSM ( k a n e h b o s e m )

    ✡️✡️✡️ Human Endocannabinoid System ✡️✡️✡️

    -Are thought vibrations that can encourage,
    enlighten and empower.

    -Are words of encouragement, that when filled with great
    love, make a huge difference.

    -Can travel long distances. Somebody may be miles
    away but your blessings will still reach them.  more
  • Brian Kingsford
    The single use and excessive consumption of plastic based manufacturing is surprisingly high in our industry. We certainly need to hold higher standards of operations and be accountable. It’s an unethical act to say you want to help create change and then disregard our industries primary objective.
  • Richard Nowacki
    I'm glad that this group exists. The cannabis community is traditionally very eco-conscious, and we can't leave that behind in the wake of packaging requirements. We have to find a medium. Cannabis today has too much single use packaging and cartridges. There are also new plastic alternatives that could be utilized.