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A Cannabis Must Have!

Cannabis Industry Group.

This is a cannabis-related or cannabis industry group launched by a member of the Cannabis Associates Network. If this group’s focus is something you have interest in or expertise of, please join and share it with others in the cannabis realm. The cannabis industry has many diverse voices from many sectors, exercise yours. The group is listening.

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  • Cannabis Culinary Group

    Cannabis Culinary Group

    Because cannabis is taking the gourmet culinary world by storm and it’s becoming big business.

    Join us! The culinary world is warming up to including cannabis in their gourmet recipes and this proves once and for all that cannabis as an ingredient has moved well beyond the inedible “pot brownie” of yore comprised of raw flower and a box of Betty C. Now we have cannabis pop-up restaurants, catered dinner parties, cooking classes, recipe books and websites and more. This group is dedicated to the gourmet cannabis industry and the chefs and all those who aspire to either. Let’s celebrate the passion of gourmet cooking with cannabis right here. Read on…

    gourmet cannabis cooking

    Hopefully by now you are salivating and intrigued enough to have pushed the “Join” button at the upper right side of this page. If you did, welcome! Now here’s what we need from you. Tell us about your pop-up restaurant, tell us about your cannabis dinner party or tell us about a gourmet cannabis recipe that was good or bad or just so-so. Please tell us about your business, your cookbook or just your aspirations. Tell the group in pictures and video and words. We also welcome gourmet cannabis news, articles and of course the ever so popular recipe blogs for complete meals or single items. All are welcome here form the worst cooks in America to the best. Welcome.


    Are you looking for more of a beginners group for the basics of cooking with cannabis? Be sure to join our Cooking with Cannabis Group.Presto! We hope you join both!


    Click HERE to build a free business page for your gourmet cannabis business and add it to our directory.

    gourmet cannabis meals


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