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A Cannabis Must Have!

Cannabis Industry Group.

This is a cannabis-related or cannabis industry group launched by a member of the Cannabis Associates Network. If this group’s focus is something you have interest in or expertise of, please join and share it with others in the cannabis realm. The cannabis industry has many diverse voices from many sectors, exercise yours. The group is listening.

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Vape Group


  • Public (anyone can view and join)
    Vape Group

    More and more cannabis users are choosing to vape to feel the effects. We launched a group.

    Vaping is the non-combustible way to inhale cannabis and it is gaining in popularity among cannabis users both new and seasoned. Vaping technologies, products and equipment are evolving in form, feel and function. The vape industry is really coming up with some great stuff and the product that goes into them. For those of us with the ‘tech-junkie’ bug, the Vape Group at the Cannabis Associates Network is a place to be. The group connects manufacturers, distributors and users and is the place to see the latest vape goodies and gadgets. Join us.


    vape group



    The Vape Group needs you to join and get others to join. The group also needs you to share the latest blogs, articles, news and product information about vapesvaping. And don’t forget to share those vaping photos and videos either. The group will appreciate it and thank you. Let’s make this group the largest and most vibrant about vapes and vaping on the internet.


    Your voice, opinions, knowledge and product reviews are welcome and wanted at the Vape Group as well. Start a discussion about anything related to vapes and vaping cannabis. You may have a question to ask the group and other members and they may have a question to ask you. So pop in a fresh cartridge let it rip!


    NOTE: Information and discussions about tobacco and tobacco-related products, synthetic drugs, kratom or anything else non-cannabis is NOT permitted in this group and will be removed immediately and could cause removal from the Cannabis Associates Network.


    Build a free Business Page for your Vape Business and add it to our directory.

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    About the Cannabis Associates Network. The CAN is a comprehensive networking platform dedicated to the health, growth, expansion and support of the legal medical and recreational cannabis industry Worldwide. The network is powered by its members and membership is free. It’s really that simple.


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