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Cannabis Industry Question

This is a question asked by a member of the Cannabis Associates Network. Can you help them with an answer? Do you have a cannabis industry or cannabis-related question you would like to ask our members? We are the social network of the cannabis industry, so ask away.

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Need advice

         I have a decent number of followers on Twitter over 2000 to be exact ,Now I  want to make the right 
decision to keep my numbers growing. I have almost finished up on my blog site and planning on publishing my work next week. I want to set up a website next.Can anyone give me advice on how to decide what to market ? There are so many choices now in the cannabis industry. I don't want to overload my page yet  I want to get the best out of them. Really nervous about making the wrong choices.
Jean Everson on July 29 at 04:32 AM in All Questions
2 Answer(s)
Write about what you are passionate about. How can you lose?
James Kaufman on August 01 at 04:29 PM
+1 to Karley's advice!
Assuming that you don't have to make money today.....Grow your audience, and keep them loyal to you. Eventually people will contact YOU - which should be better for you in the long run.
on November 02 at 11:58 AM
It seems like you have a good strategy. You can be an expert on one type of product, such as VAP for example. This way you can work with many options and especially, have a better offer.
Karley Moura on August 09 at 04:31 AM