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This is a question asked by a member of the Cannabis Associates Network. Can you help them with an answer? Do you have a cannabis industry or cannabis-related question you would like to ask our members? We are the social network of the cannabis industry, so ask away.

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looking for lenders and leasing companies that lend for cannabis

My company has an extensive network of financial institutions, hedge funds and private equity that lends money to cannabis business owners without the need to give up equity.  My question is that I need more lending partners!  some of these entities have limited dollars and there is so much demand that I have many companies looking for money for dispensaries, extraction facilities and equipment purchases.   
Who do you know who lends money to cannabis business owners?  Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback. 
Tony Ciccarelli on October 13 at 09:23 AM in All Questions
I have the same demand. Hopefully someone has a solution!
Please let me know if you find one.
on October 13 at 11:03 AM
1 Answer(s)
I have a Cannabis friendly financing solution with unlimited funds. 680 Fico Score and clear credit report required to qualify. Credit repair and business credit building options are available for those who need help qualifying.  
They can find anything from $20k - $200mil Just shoot me an email to cannibudbus@gmail.com and I’ll make the intro. Feel free to share with anyone else you know needing financing, non-cannabis based biz owners are welcome too. Thanks  
Gary George on January 20 at 04:55 PM Edited