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Cannabis Industry Question

This is a question asked by a member of the Cannabis Associates Network. Can you help them with an answer? Do you have a cannabis industry or cannabis-related question you would like to ask our members? We are the social network of the cannabis industry, so ask away.

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Hemp Trade with India

For India, cannabis has always meant more than a recreational drug. The country, especially the Northern states are aware of the cannabis' medicinal and other related properties but commercialize it has had stigma attached. Consumed globally, Indian cannabis is considered among the best grades considering the lower price. However, the plant can give much more than a ‘happy feeling’.

Uttar Pradesh is the second Indian state to allow hemp cultivation. 
The Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) recently announced an investment of $150 million to expand hemp cultivation, research, and other initiatives to grow the industry in Uttarakhand (a state in northern India).
I'm curious to know is there are any members that done business in India?  
Al Viegas on February 13 at 03:47 PM in All Questions
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