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This is a question asked by a member of the Cannabis Associates Network. Can you help them with an answer? Do you have a cannabis industry or cannabis-related question you would like to ask our members? We are the social network of the cannabis industry, so ask away.

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Needed: Large Canadian Cannabis Grower - Can Anyone Help?


I have a client in Germany who is looking for a large Canadian Grower to work with on the application and management of a grow in Germany.  Would anyone be or have a good connection to such an entity?
Stevan Lieberman
Greenberg & Lieberman
Direct: 202-625-7016, email: stevan@aplegal.com
We are searching for investors for our growing machines that almost went on Shark Tank. We can produce 100 lbs. From our patented machine using only 12 plants...we cut the traditional growing time to only 70 days from root to fruit. The machine is only 6x4 feet...no soil...no sun light. The plant communicates with us.
on August 06 at 08:29 AM
2 Answer(s)
Why Canadian?
Karlos Moura on August 09 at 04:38 AM
It had to do with the new statute that was enacted at the time in Germany which essentially required a Canadian grower of more than 100k plants
on November 13 at 08:10 AM
Stevan - give me a ring. Happy to help point you in the right direction.
Dan Ogden on June 03 at 01:53 PM