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  • Hello

    I'm Natasha Winkler

    Freelance Cannabis & Hemp Journalist and Content Creator at Written By N. Winkler

    business Cannabis

    Current YellowScene Magazine

    Expected Salary $15.00 / Hour

    • Age 36
    • Address location_on Denver, CO, USA
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    • Thank you for your interest in my services.

      As a resourceful and independent professional I am able to offer a multitude of skills and services. I am a fast learner, highly competent, unsurpassed interpersonal skills and am extremely reliable. I am open to any negotiable discussion that allows me to offer my applicable expertise.

      As an industry professional I am able to network with all aspects of the cannabis & hemp market. I am an award winning freelance cannabis & hemp journalist, and a connoisseur with unsurpassed interpersonal skills.

      I am self-motivated, dedicated, and uniquely creative.

      I am a full-time freelancer.

      As a connoisseur consumer I enjoy my time as a cannabis and hemp journalist. Being able to express information in a professional, articulate, & educated manner is essential for successful content.

      I have experience with various industry freelance services such as public relations, community outreach, content creation, staffing services, and B2B networking. I am also able to launch, build & maintain social media presence.

      Using my organizing skill set and my superhuman multitasking abilities I am highly successful at administrative duties.

      In faster than average speed I can complete undertakings like crafting stories or content, social media posts with eye catching headlines and extensive brand exposure.

      At heart I am a compassionate people person. I can relate and empathize with most everybody. I am articulate and a natural editor. I am a believer in teamwork but am also remarkably productive independently.

      • Nearly 5,000 Facebook Friends with over 1,000 Followers
      • Over 400 Professional Industry Contacts Nationwide
      • Hemptanicals Facebook Page 600 Followers
      • Wis-Canna-Hemp Facebook Page 250 Followers (45 days since launch)
      • Instagram 650 Followers (45 days since re-launch)
      • Admin of 13 Facebook pages with a combine total following of over 3,200 organic connections
      • At least one monthly web & print column in Colorado
      • Web publication in Wisconsin

      Experience in calls to action:

      • Getting public excited & involved
      • Getting public to show up to committee & council meetings
      • Holding public forums & informational events

      I never work half-assed. I genuinely always go above and beyond, this is both a gift and a curse. I have quickly wore myself out by doing things for others just because I know how. I now know that time is precious and it comes at a price as does my natural overachieving. I will do anything with in my power to create a successful launch. I am very negotiable and eager to please, both work to your benefit.

    • Freelance Writer
      business YellowScene Magazine

      Contribute at least monthly for cannabis column web & print.

    • Date of Birth Aug 29 1982
      Gender Male
      Marital Status Single
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