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  • Hello

    I'm Ron Koranda

    Business and Sales Management at Ecospecpro, llc

    business Cannabis

    Current EcospecPro, llc

    Expected Salary: Negotiable

    • What an exciting time for an amazing plant and the business that revolves around it! Perhaps, in times such as these, providence raises up individuals for the part they can play in a cause greater than themselves. With this in mind, I am transitioning towards the canabis industry.

      Since the beginning of time, the cannabis plant has benefitted every facet of human experience as food, medicine, heat, light, clothing, paper, shelter, transportation and natural intoxicant. It is profound to watch as this amazing plant seeks to regain its intended place as a helpmate to mankind. Paid with so great a cost in lives effected over the last century, I can't think of a cause I would rather be a part of.

      Commercial legacy institutions of big alcohol, tobacco, banking, pharmaceutical, chemical and private prisons are aligned against the existing cannabis industry. Their market position benefits from governmental regulatory and legal agencies taking up Goliath's fight. Todays successes are only beginning steps on the path toward building an industry infrastructure. Institutional resistance will continue until the regulatory and tax authorities are firmly established and they are buying into and consolidating mature channels. The national opioid epidemic is providing strong motivation for an initial look at the medicinal properties of cannabis for vast numbers of suffering individuals and those who must deal with addictions aftermath.

      The cannabis industry is still colored by the Anslinger manufactured, sub-culture mindset and must embrace mainstream integration to pass the “grandma test”. Obviously, there is a lot of creatively expressed, industry-wide passion and optimism. However, in facing both issues of a brand new industry operating in a confusing, adversarial legal and regulatory environment, there is an enhanced need for “all i’s dotted and t’s crossed”. The means to accomplish this is:

      Organizational efficiency
      Operational discipline
      Consistent best practices
      Cross-over appeal of diverse sociographic and demographic groups.

      Integrating these means into business, sums up my career. Never has a better opportunity presented itself that more holistically uses my passion, talents, expertise and experience (Including being injured and experiencing medicinal benefits that kept me functional and free from the grip of opioids for over a year). My excitement is not only in an immediate benefit for myself and company. Shaping a revolutionary and disruptive business legacy by generating revenue, building up successful team members and durable client relationships while helping individuals...THAT is exciting!

      The Good: Fortunate throughout my career to serve small and corporate business in a management capacity. I now match expertise to passion in a new field of growth opportunity. My goal being to produce a consistent profit and loss statement and a strong balance sheet, resulting in higher equity for principals. This is accomplished by translating understanding into strategic vision with a tactical action plan using linear processes, creative strategies and best practices.

      My life-fires are: being naturally extroverted with a genuine love for people combined with a thirst for knowledge. Which enables me to travel extensively enjoying great friendships of all ages, races and cultures and reading 100-200 pages daily for years. Natural traits of humor, charisma, empathy and openness combine with fearless communication skills. All work towards connecting me with any audience in any forum. This includes supervising, teaching, training and speaking in front of live audiences or on television, radio and theater. This leads to higher than average sales, profitability and client retention with natural abilities in negotiations and resolution of difficult situations between parties.

      The Bad: I have had a challenge in the large corporate environment. Although loved by clients and staff while turning excellent numbers, I did not navigate the layers well. Given my inclination to prioritize the needs of clients and staff, we should discuss your large corporate environment and prioritization of position objectives.

      The Ugly: Relocation to Michigan was rocky with divorce, custody issues and a disappointing initial vocational experience. So, I took myself out of the game, focusing on what was most important. Caring for and raising my son as a single dad while living a new reality of life has in so many ways, made us stronger and better than ever.

      It is upon the turning of a page towards a new chapter that yours and my paths now cross.

    • Examples
      business All


    • Managing Consultant
      business EcospecPro, llc

      Open-Sourced Expertise

      Specifying & Product Selection
      Schedules & Submittals
      EZ I.D.  (Parts)
      Custom Fabrication
      Value Engineering & Alternates
      Sourcing & Order Management
      P4P (Packages for Profit)

    • Personal
      business Sabbatical

      Relocation for rocky divorce/custody then a disappointing vocational opportunity led to taking myself out of the game to refocus on what was most important. Caring for and raising my son as a single dad while living our new reality and working on the plan for a new consulting biz.

    • Showroom Branch Manager
      business Ferguson Enterprises

      Guided a $10m+, 12k sq/ft bath/kitchen/lighting showroom branch through a construction sector economic collapse. Tasked with maintaining sales/margins and increasing sales skills of staff. We experienced a 15% decline in sales in the worst year and increased gross margins by leveraging internal distribution and private label. As a managing member of the state branch, I influenced direction and implementation of policy and procedure.
      • Develop and execute showroom strategic plan and budget.
      • Define and execute showroom market strategy by deep understanding of market conditions.
      • Keep showroom up to date and integrate or delete vendors per national corporate realignments and utilization of trend analysis.
      • Oversee staff generation of acceptable sales levels.
      • Make sales calls with salespeople to a diverse client mix from “C” level to installer.
      • Introduce new lines and convert preferences of top-tier architectural and design firms.
      • Plan and execute showroom renovations.
      • Advertising and budgeting via assignment and report acquisition from internal and external sources.
      • Coordinate and conduct product knowledge, sales training, best practices with showroom consultants.
      • Set price matrix parameters of showroom related products for staff implementation.
      • Ensure showroom is well maintained and clean via staff delegation.
      • Assist customers on the floor and over the phone, when necessary.
      • Oversee and participate in ambitious events calendar.
      • Oversee several annual home and tradeshows.
      • Appear in television shows, radio and external events.
      • Manage $2mln display product.
      • Current product knowledge.
      • Oversee customer complaint resolution.
      • Multiple monthly association meetings.
      • Understanding of design and interior decorating.
      • Manage and schedule personnel (hiring, firing, training, etc.)
      • Improve service levels and negotiate terms with vendor reps.

    • Account Manager
      business Island Bath and Hardware

      Primary responsibility of wholesale account acquisition and management in specifying and sales of decorative plumbing and door hardware. Average individual sale amount of $25,000 to $150,000 for $2m to $45m luxury residential projects. Consulted extensively with international VIP: owners, architects, designers, contractors and installers throughout the entire design-build process.
      • Perform sales and administrative functions including product selection, specification, revision, takeoffs, estimating, A/R, A/P, RGA processing, importing, logistics, pre and post installation inspections, trouble- shooting and warrantee service.
      • Trade services included specification recommendations, conversions and value-engineering upon request.
      • Build “order-ready” decorative plumbing and door hardware schedules from blueprint and architectural
      • Develop multi-party, revision friendly, submittal/specification packages to enable accurate communications internationally with all concerned parties and reduce errors and delays. Packages included receipt, inspection, bundling and labelling for delivery of all incoming products according to job, schedule requirements and installation location. These were centrally tied to sales order/purchase-order/packing slip/shipping manifest/invoice tracking to insure accuracy of availability.
      •Performregularjobsiteinspectionvisits,proactivelyaccommodatingchangesandconfirmingcorrect installation.
      • Design and sub-contract for fabrication (with both local and long-distance fabricators) custom items for design and/or technical solutions.

    • Sales Manager
      business Master Plumbing and Bath/Tile Showroom

      Accomplished position objectives of recovering company investment in uncompleted physical location and utilizing the showrooms higher margin product sales to offset lower margins from the Service and New Construction divisions.
      • Construction and outfit high-impact, high-end, high-margin producing facility with strategically designed vignettes and displayed product, resulted in a world-class, destination showroom.
      • Create operational infrastructure, systems and processes to vertically integrate administrative functions from three separate divisions (new construction, service, showroom).
      • Diversify core business to trade professionals with wholesale pricing and compensation programs.
      • Target advertising, public relations,and direct marketing campaigns to substantially increase brand
      recognition, sales and marketing databases.
      • Research, negotiate and integrate new product categories and exclusive vendor/supplier lines.
      • Utilize"Good,Better,Best”,“In-Stock”,“Selluptoselldown”,“Packages”and“Value-Based”
      merchandising/marketing/sales strategies to drive sales of exclusive, high margin product lines.
      • Integrate add-ons of exclusive products and services into builder sales and service calls.
      • Reduce customer supplied materials and increased per sale revenue and margin by 20%-50%.
      • Successfully increase showroom revenue and profitability 500% in first year growth with consistent
      10%-20% subsequent growth.
      • Leverage advances in national and international sourcing to significantly reduce dependence on traditional two-step distribution channels increased materials gross margin 20% - 200%.
      • Increase new business and team morale by propagating an incentivized sales mind set with staff, vendors,
      sub-contractors and “noncompeting complimentary professionals”
      • One of my personal favorites is the custom design and manufacturing of custom, luxury and solution
      specific products per client commission and/or consultation with architects and designers.

    • Office Manager
      business Borst Furniture & Upholstering

      Met objectives of increased sales and profitability for a 100 year old family business. Secondary goals of building equity and enabling principals redirection of time and resources towards strategic interests.This was accomplished by updating the showroom sales and administrative functions while refocusing and expanding the client base.
      • Update all administrative and showroom infrastructure.
      • Design and sales of new high-end custom furniture and restoration of existing furniture.
      • Integrate latest technologies to establish new vendors and suppliers.
      • Renegotiate with suppliers for regional exclusives and deeper wholesale discounts.
      • Reduce material costs a minimum of 15%, with annual total savings of 40% on C.O.G.S.
      • Redirect sales and marketing efforts toward high-end custom products for complimenting industry professionals resulting in 10%-20% annual growth.
      • Devise "alacarte" sales process that produced an immediate 40%-100% average ticket increase.

    • Management Trainee
      business Ultratube, Inc. & Tropical Fish Environments

      • Assisted and mentored in building from the ground up, a water sports product and fish aquarium leasing/maintenance company by the entrepreneur-founder. Each company was profitable in the first two years of operation and did very well. These efforts culminated in:
        Ultratube, Inc. - negotiated and facilitated the sale of the company and assets to a large corporate concern: Wellington Puritan, now Eagle Companies.
        Tropical Fish Environments, Inc. - Upon Mr. Felters sudden diagnosis of an aggressive terminal illness, we successfully repurposed the company to consistently fund his final years. TFE went from being the initial model for a future franchise network, to a “How to start your own aquarium business” operation. This was accomplished via the sale of informational discs thru classifieds in aquarists magazines.
        • Submission and approval of U.S. design/product patents.
        • Design of all legal and tax frame works.
        • Administrative and accounting systems/processes.
        • Vendor and material sourcing.
        • Sales and marketing programs.
        • Remodeling and outfitting of physical locations for manufacturing and logistics suitability.
        • Hiring, firing and training of staff.
        • Establishment of national and international distributor-dealer network.

    • Date of Birth Mar 01 1974
      Gender Male
      Marital Status Single
      Email Show Email
      Phone Number 563-289-7732
      • Appliance Sales B2B relationships Bookkeeping Budgets Business Development Custom Design Database Management Decorative Door Hardware Decorative Plumbing Display Merchandising Employee Management Event Planning Furniture Design/Sales General Merchandising Inventory Lighting Sales Marketing Negotiating Networking Paint/Coating Sales Paint/Stain Matching Process Improvement Product Introduction Project Management Prospecting Public Relations Public Speaking Radio Sales Schedules Shipping/Receiving Showroom Design Specifying Submittals Teaching Television Tile Estimating/Sales Trade Shows Training
      • MS Office Quickbooks Adobe Suite Gimp Libre Office

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