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    I'm Lisa O'Connor

    Professional Sales Account Manager at Printing Industry

    business Cannabis

    Current Personal

    Expected Salary: Negotiable

    • Age 53
    • Address location_on Massachusetts, United States
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    • Highly focused and detail-oriented Account Manager with an exceptional record of client service and revenue generation. A motivated, hard working, team player with excellent communication skills, work ethic, customer service, and a strong desire to succeed. Especially skilled at building effective and productive working relationships with clients, vendors and suppliers.


      I would like to take these attributes and apply them within the growing marijuana industry in Massachusetts. I am a recreational smoker and grower. I also started making edibles for my father when he was diagnosed with lung cancer over 10 years ago. I have since made edibles for other family and friends with cancer. I have seen how much it can help patients with their pain, anxiety and appetite and general comfort.

      I am keeping up to date with the draft regulations of the Cannabis Control Commission and will be attending the public hearings during February. I am also working to be an MRCC Consumer Advocate for my home town of Billerica and looking to form a Marijuana Committee to increase public support of awareness campaigns and

      creating transparency in regards to the development of the marijuana industry.  

    • Edibles Experience
      business Personal

      I come from a family of recreational smokers, even my grandmother. 
      My dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2005 and was given 6 months. No surgical solution, only poisoning the body with radiation and chemo.
      After the first year of aggressive treatments, he was a zombie on opioids, and full of anxiety, losing weight, getting weak. I broached the subject of edibles with his oncologist and she was open and willing to work with me on dosing and working with his other meds. We were able to greatly reduce his dependence on the painkillers, and anti anxiety meds were no longer needed. He survived 5 more years and it was not the cancer that killed him.
      Since then I have offered my "goodies" for free to any family or friends with medical needs. Legal medical marijuana is great, but can still be expensive for some.

    • Date of Birth Apr 03 1966
      Gender Female
      Marital Status Single
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