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    • Hello,


      Congratulations on winning the Dispensary license here in Ohio.  My name is Luke and I am writing in efforts to become a part of this historic and sensible move towards safer and more natural treatments for Ohioans.  I believe I can be a valuable and long-lasting asset to the company. I understand your time is valuable so I will keep this short and simple, we can always talk further at your convenience.

           Providing compassionate care through cannabis has always been a part of my “personal legend”.  Now that the opportunity has presented itself, I am ready and willing to do whatever is needed to full-fill this part of my journey. I’m a 32 y/o family man dedicated to improving myself daily as a person and in my skill sets to provide a positive and successful environment for my family/children.  Cannabis has been a part of my life for some time;  really understanding and appreciating the medicinal aspect since returning from the Iraq war. Thereafter becoming a registered nurse opened my eyes to the unnecessary and often unhelpful hole that big Pharma continues to dig for patients.  

           If you give me the opportunity to serve the community, yourself, and the Dispensary; you will see I am a loyal hardworking caregiver.  I know I am able and willing to fill any position needed at the dispensary.  I have no problem starting from the bottom. (even be it non-paid as long I’m free to learn). 

      Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you and assisting the dispensary on it’s road towards growth and success. 

  • Hello

    I'm Luke

    Entrepenuer at Tink Trading

    business Cannabis

    Current Tink Trading

    Education Rhoades State College

    Expected Salary: Negotiable

    • Specialist
      business US Army National Guard

      Served as a 21B Combat Engineer. Two tours to Iraq (2005 & 2008) with various duties to include: Gunner, Driver, and Combat Life Saver.  Discharged with Honors upon fulfilling my contract.  

    • Registered Nurse
      business Saint Rita's Medical Center & Prolink Staffing

      Responsible for the delivery of compassionate patient care for an array of critical care patients with a special focus on Open-heart and Vascular surgical patients.

    • Stock Trader
      business Tink Trading

      I am a self-taught profitable stock trader.  Specializing in technical analysis, momentum, and thorough due diligence finding companies trying to go public through the reverse-merger process.

      • I am a very quick learner. I am driven and passionate. I am able to get along with anyone. I take pride in listening and reading people/situation to allow for a positive interaction.
    • Various Awards
      Issuer U S Army
    • Date of Birth Jul 24 1985
      Gender Male
      Marital Status Married
      Email Show Email
      Phone Number 419 236 4660

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