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  • Hello

    I'm Mike Chandler

    Cannabis cultivator at Self employed

    business Cannabis

    Current Self employment

    Education Learn sativa University, Bradford vo-tech

    Expected Salary: Negotiable

    • Age 29
    • Address location_on Florida, USA
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    • My name is Mike Chandler I have been growing for around 12 years now with multiple high grade strains that I've selectively bred I have my dispensary technician certification and my dispensary management certification I've had many indoor and outdoor successful harvest's I just want to continue finding out more about all the attributes this plant has to offer I've dedicated my life to growing and studying this plant alnog with creating some of the most effective natural medicines that I can 

    • Property preservation contractor
      business Self employment

      Take pictures of the forclosed homes do minor repairs on roofs, locks, windows, ect.

    • Service Technician
      business Epperson and company

      Install and splice new conveyor belt sushi also install or demo and conveyor components at customers locations

    • Farm hand
      business Starling farms

      Harvest crops run the heavy machinery and take care of anything else that needs attention to on a farm 

    • Date of Birth Mar 06 1990
      Gender Male
      Marital Status Single
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