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The value of the Portugese nations cannabis economy yet to be determined

Today begins the discussion on wealth management for the purpose of turning a minimum of $500K into $5MM in just 10 months. 
After learning a few tips from the new wealth manager, we have concluded that if you have a minimum of $25,000 you can earn 30% interest a year simply by leaving your money in your bank and waiting 12 months for your 30% through our structured wealth management plan.
Recently a petition was circulated to some of the ministers in Portugal to allow businesses to be licensed  in the local acnnabis economy.
After this petition was delivered to me its now gone to the Economy Minister legal team for appointing a task force to establish the Portugese economy to cater the use and distribution and legal licensing for cannabis as a commercial commodity throughout the Portugese world. 
Project Commodore is soon to open and this will demand an industrial circular economy generated through the licensing of cannabis culture throughout the worldwide domain of Portugal. 
As the government has given AWO Jet Propulsion Lab the master license for the commercial cannabis sector - we are delighted to assist interested parties. 
You can support our project by contacting 
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