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  • William Henning
    Load it and smoke it, new friend!
  • William Henning
    I'm a lightweight and appreciate microdosing compared to the cough-causing rips I used to take in the 80's. Now, all I need is a light puff to set me straight. And now with these new concentrates and vape pens??? "fuhgetboutit". Very easy to microdose all day long! Good times.
  • William Henning
  • Amy Goad
    Our parent company, Medical Marijuana inc., literally created the cannabis space in this country. We actually just launched the EU last Nov. If you or any one you know is of an entrepreneurial spirit, this really may be that "Once in a Lifetime Opportunity"!
    I have had a long "go" of it, with my TBI recovery over the last 25 years....
    I feel that CBD (cannabidiol) was the culminating ingredient which catapulted me to complete homeostasis (balance)!
    Call me if you would like to learn mo...  more
  • William Henning