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  • Dylan Maher
  • Dylan Maher
    Do you need help with a Metrc Inventory Audit or internal employee training?
    Do you need help navigating the constantly changing laboratory testing rules and regulations?
    Are your current S.O.P.'s outdated? Do you need new S.O.P's created and implemented?
    Could you benefit from compiling and analyzing important production data to determine which strains yield the highest and what the bud to waste ratio and average moisture loss percentage is for ea...  more
  • Dylan Maher
    Need help setting up or training employees in Metrc? Are your internal audits done accurately and in a time efficient manner? Do you currently know your cultivation production metrics and which strains are process validated and which strains still need test samples submitted? These are only a few of the services commonly provided by Higher Growth Solutions to licensed cannabis businesses across the country! Check us out at www.highergrowthsolutions.net and contact us today to hear how our team o...  more
  • Dylan Maher