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  • Jade Devine
    Somebody out there has got to have an opinion on the FDA Ruling on CBDA
  • Jade Devine
    So does anyone have an opinion on the FDA decision TO make it illegal the public to have CBDA in isolated Crystal form?
    Me I'm extremely upset not surprised and already see what the government is up to with cannabis. they know even more than we do or I do about cannabis they've been studying it a lot longer than I have with a lot better technology. Kind of explaining why our government has a patent on cannabis or the phyto-cannabinoids within cannabis.
  • Jade Devine
    What a medical cannabis consultant can do for you...
  • Jade Devine
    What a medical cannabis consultant can do for you... Your go-to medical cannabis Guru..
  • Janet Davis-Leak
    Hi Jade,
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  • Jade Devine
    Phytocannabinoids and drug dependency.

    I'll hh
    cannabis use can lead to dependency and chronic heavy users non-intoxicating cannabis such as CBD interferes with the brain's mechanism of addiction which leads to potential treatments. Increasing body preclinical evidence shows that cannabinoids interfere with some fundamental neural mechanisms underlying drug use reward drug-seeking and compulsive behavior and anxiety related to both addiction and relapse.

    THC can reduce the amount of an op...  more
  • Jade Devine
    First post and wanted to give a brief spill in what I do. I have 20 years experience in the Cannabis industry. That includes growing it, extracting it, dispensing it researching and studying cannabis on more importantly the human ENDOCANNABNOID System(E.C.S.) and much more. I am not a doctor nor am I a scientist. I do claim to have a lot of knowledge in cannabis and the endocannabinoid system with continued education. My mentors two mentor's, me even though they didn't know was dr. Rafael McCo...  more
  • Jade Devine