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White Sentencing - 600 Pounds of Marijuana

Because of mandatory sentencing guidelines, many people are being sent to prison for long periods of time for victimless "crimes" who are otherwise peaceful people.

Mr. White was caught transporting a large amount of marijuana in a truck through Phoenix.

A plea agreement was reached mandating a prison term between 1 year and 3.5 years. Both the state and the presentence report writer recommended prison for 2.5 years. This video is of Attorney Marc J. Victor advocating for Mr. White at the sentencing hearing.

At the sentencing attorney Marc J. Victor makes the argument that his client has not harmed anyone, that there is no victim and that there are people who are legally driving around large amounts of marijuana right now and delivering it to dispensaries for sale to consumers. The only crime his client really committed was a licensing violation. He simply did not have the proper licensing. Mr. White is the real victim . Another victim of the failed "War on Drugs."


Release: This video is posted with the expressed permission of Mr. White. Mr. White has signed a release authorizing the Law Firm of Marc J. Victor P.C. to make this video public.
Posted by Marc J. Victor in Other on May 08 at 08:20 AM  ·  Public

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