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5 Questions for Cannabis Cultural Association Social Justice Warriors War on Drugs - The Johno Show

The Johno Show welcomes my friend Nelson Guerrero who runs the social justice warriors group Cannabis Cultural Association dealing with the injustice of the war on drugs.


Question 1: Tell us a little about the Cannabis Cultural Association.

The Cannabis Cultural Association, or CCA, strives to involve underrepresented communities in the legal cannabis industry, by providing informational workshops, cultural programs, and community events with an emphasis on issues disproportionately affecting communities of color. The CCA connects a diverse community of passionate, curious and energetic people, especially people of color, around the cannabis plant. While providing a safe and comfortable space to do so. The CCA creates a safe space for underrepresented communities; especially people of color, around the cannabis plant.

Question 2: Did you start the business on your own?

The CCA is a 501©3 non-profit, and none of the co-founders have taken a dime since it's inception. Talk about the other members.

Question 3: Is this your first entrepreneurial venture?

Question 4: Why is it harder for people of color to gain access into this industry?

New York is one of many states that prohibits people with drug-related felonies from applying for a marijuana license or gaining employment with licensed companies.

All cultures throughout history have used cannabis, and we want to acknowledge and spotlight that.

Question 5: How can someone help The Cannabis Cultural Association reach its goals?

The Cannabis Cultural Association is always looking for volunteers, donations, and memberships to help on campaigns, events, and projects. By making a donation or becoming a monthly member, you're helping support community events, cultural programs, and educational workshops that give underrepresented communities the chance to take part and benefit from the emerging cannabis industry.

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The Johno Show

Disclaimer: This video does not promote the consumption of marijuana, it educates on the plant for a better understanding.
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