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Choosing the Right Cannabis Buds and Flowers

You step into your favorite cannabis dispensary and you are confronted with the 'jars'. The jars containing a beautiful selection of cannabis buds and a friendly budtender waiting to assist you with wooden tongs at the ready, but, which bud is best? Which cannabis flower will give you the desired effect and meet your required quality and value?

This video will teach you how to choose the best cannabis buds and flowers. Watch it and arm yourself with cannabis knowledge.

Source: Hytiva

How to Choose Quality Cannabis Flowers

You can have quality buds that aren’t potent in your system, and vice versa – buds that are extremely potent but low in quality. Keep this difference in mind as we discuss the 5 factors that create quality buds and the essential aspects of cannabis flower you should be looking for when deciding to purchase flower from a dispensary.

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Posted by CAN Staff in Instructional on October 27 at 12:14 PM  ·  Public

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