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Dabbing Cannabis Looks Scary

This is a video of a budtender from a reputable dispensary teaching how to properly dab cannabis. She details the process of dabbing and the equipment you will need to successfully dab.

Please note the amount of cannabis wax or concentrate she recommends starting with, 'the size of a piece of rice'.

Even though it looks 'crack-esque' and quite intimidating, this method of cannabis consumption is gaining popularity and gaining it quickly. REMEMBER: a little dab will do it.

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How to Dab | Cannabis Concentrates 101

Learn how to properly dab marijuana concentrates, to get the most out of your cannabis extracts. See everything you will need to be able to safely and effectively dab your preferred concentrates.
There are many different concentrates such as:
Wax, Sugar, Distillate, CO2 Oil, RSO, Kief and many more.

Benefits of cannabis concentrates:
Healthier - No extra plant matter involved
Faster relief - Acts much faster in the body for rapid relief
Economical - Patients have to use less to receive an effective dose
Variety - there are different forms of concentrates that can help patients

Learn more about cannabis concentrates here:

See the current Maryland list of qualifying conditions here:

Learn how to get your Maryland cannabis card here:
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