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The VapeCo Product Line of Vaporizer Pens and Enails Part 2 - The Johno Show the Gay Stoner

Jeff from The VapeCo stops by The Johno Show, a gay stoner weedtuber, to show the Gladiator Pro-Torch Quad Jet, Incognito Luxe Stealth Vaporizer Pen, Dab Tornado Vortex, Dab Magic Concentrate to Ejuice, Gladiator DV8 Electronic Oil Rig


The Incognito Luxe™ is not only a stealth vaporizer, but a fully functional ball-point pen. Luxe’s™ stylish body is weight balanced and rivals luxury pen quality. It handles concentrates, oils and liquids. Great for the office, trips, home and everywhere else!

The Incognito Luxe™ is the type of covert device you would find in a Spy movie. Not only is the Luxe™ a stealth vaporizer, but a fully functional ball-point pen. Luxe’s™ stylish body and smooth surface is weight balanced and rivals luxury pen quality. Most people never figure out the true nature of this duplicitous device, even after writing with it for days.

Great for the office, trips, home and just about everywhere else! The Incognito Luxe™ includes both a refillable liquid tank and concentrate atomizer. The liquid tank is compatible with essential oils, e-juices and Dab Magic™. The concentrate atomizer’s titanium element and quartz core provide clean flavor with a long lifespan.

The high capacity Luxe Pen Battery™ charges quickly via USB, and lasts for days. It is compatible with most pre-filled oil cartridges using 510 threading. Luxe™ uses standard ink cartridges for writing and comes in three beautiful finishes (Glossy Black, Chrome and Rose Gold).

The Incognito Luxe™ battery and charging system is warrantied against manufacture defects for a period of one year. Incognito Luxe™ Stealth Vaporizer Pen, Liquid Atomizer Tank, Concentrate Skillet (Ti Coil / Quartz Rod), Luxe™ Lithium Ion Battery, Ink Pen Cap, Concentrate Tool, USB Charging Adapter.

Dab Magic Concentrate to Ejuice quit buying expensive pre-filled cartridges and fill your own! Dab Magic™ quickly transforms your favorite concentrate into an e-Juice for your favorite vaporizer pen or e-cigarette. Enjoy superior quality at a fraction of the price.

The Gladiator DV8™ Electronic Oil Rig combines the performance of a traditional water pipe and enail, with the efficiency, portability and simplicity of a vaporizer pen. The DV8™ is ideal for travel, yet robust enough to be your primary concentrate rig at home. It’s the best of all worlds without breaking the bank.

The DV8™ uses solid nails similar to a oil rig, and includes Ceramic, Quartz and Titanium nails for optimal flavor and personal preference. There are no coils to replace, resulting in low cost of ownership and less frustration.

The DV8™ is very quick to heat-up (about 30 seconds) and offers low and high temp dabbing modes. Reheat the nail quickly to increase temperatures, or pass it around and sesh.

Enjoy dabbing on the go with the DV8™ Glass Bubbler. It effortlessly water filters and cools vapor for superior flavor. Cleans-up quick and recreates the water pipe experience perfectly.




The Johno Show

Disclaimer: This video does not promote the consumption of marijuana, it educates on the plant for a better understanding.
Posted by Jonathan Goodman in Other on August 21 at 01:13 PM  ·  Public

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