Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson

  • Gender: Male
  • Born on: November 03
  • Industry Experience: Less than 5 Years
  • Areas of Expertise: Advocacy, CBD, Consulting, Extraction, Hemp, Investor, Packaging, Processing, Sales, Testing, Vapes
  • State or Country (Required): Oregon
  • Keyword Buttons: Hemp, CBD, Distillate, Isolate, Crude, Biomass, Extracts, Supercritical CO2

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  • Richard Wilson

    Industrial Hemp CBD extracts --- Crude --- Distillate ---- Isolate ---- Water Soluble ---- Biomass
    Buy and Sell as well as investment opportunities both in commodity style processing with 3-4 month seeing 25% and better ROI, also have avenues for direct equity investment--- own a physical % equity in a farm, retail location, or other industry staple. Question or interest? Call me now!! 1 (877) CBD-WISE
  • Richard Wilson
    Wholesale Hemp CBD. Crude, Distillate, Isolate, H2O Soluble, Custom Biomass sourcing and processing. White Labeling and packaging. Investment opportunities consulted both for short term commodity style ROI and long term direct equity investment in Cannabis and Hemp industries. 1-(877) CBD-WISE
  • Richard Wilson